Tuesday, February 23, 2016

(Comic) Cosmic Tales update

I hope this finds you all well.

After nearly a year of art practice and study, as well as a nearly talmudic examination of comics ranging from Kirby's works, to DC One Million; Werewolf by Night; Clairmont/Cockrum/Byrne/Cockrum X-men; Godland; Conway/Andru era Spider-Man; Barks/Rosa Ducks; Megahex; Crumb's works, and a shit ton of stuff I am likely forgetting, I have commenced to create comics again. I have probably burned as much time studying storytelling and inking styles as I have penciling. Old school inking is really a very lovely, under-appreciated and dying art. Anyway, as to whether or not all this time was well spent is not for me to judge. I also read a bunch of Dickens (as should you) so, regardless of all else, it wasn't a total loss.

The new page concludes the first 'issue' and is up here: Pg. 21

You can read it from the beginning and perhaps engage in a bit of schadenfreude as you watch someone flail about whilst engaged in the execution of a trivial task, which nevertheless, resides well beyond his capacity. Personally, I rarely pass up the opportunity to witness and comment upon a bit of public buffonery. I especially enjoy taunting drunks, the elderly, middle-school marching bands and lost pets. By way of advice, I feel compelled to mention that one can maximize the personal enjoyment of such activities by carefully selecting targets incapable of meaningful retaliation.

To engage in an innocent pleasure of a similar nature, follow this link: Book One Cover

Updates will continue sporadically, but I hope to put up a cover and the first page of book 2 late next week. My art sucks, but I make up for that by being glacially slow.

I have opened comments or will shortly. I lust for feedback, but do not feel any obligation.

Gaming posts will likely be in short supply for the near future. As I have committed to this project and "Caverns of Empire" the prose novel I am writing. As this focus has not wavered in the past six months or so, perhaps due to the chemicals the state forces me to injest on a daily basis, I don't see it shifting on to anything else, gaming or otherwise, until one or the other of the current projects reaches a stage of completion.

Here are a few things from the sketch book, these are all a little rough, please no bully. (Just kidding, I can take it).

Take care and thank you for reading. You're okay.





Oh, I almost forgot, in the hopes of stimulating considered and intellectual feedback, I have attached a thoughtful and insightful letter from Uncanny X-men 134. Please find it below:



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