Friday, February 21, 2014

[Map] The Hidden Land at the Sorcerer's Skull

Get a look at it here.

This was one of my two major projects for the last couple of months, and the first time I have really tried to do a large scale callaboration. It was educational on a technical level (to say the least) as it turned out to be several smaller projects as opposed to one big project. It took forever and ever (I started it at the end of field season in late october).

This means I can return to working on my webcomic, Cosmic Tales, which I hope to launch some time this year.



  1. It's a great map--one of your best. and I'm not only saying that because you drew it for me or because for some reason my work blocks all the other maps on your site.

  2. I think the block is probably because of the occasional demon junk and tit shot i've put up on here.
    Thanks again.
    Possibly interesting story for anyone who looks at it. I put snow on the mammoth because I crossed the Rockies last winter during a snow a few times, and on one of those trips I saw what I thought were snow covered rocks- which actually turned out to be sheep. It was an image that really stuck with me. Maybe because we almost died two minutes prior to seeing it.

  3. I really like your style of maps. I printed a copy of your "Madling Island" map on the color printer at work for inspiration. Great work!

  4. Thanks, man. That is an old one!