Monday, January 13, 2014

Zimon's Gate pt 1

Out of setting intro- if you need a teleport or a dimension door, and want it to have a dingeon on the front end, you may find this useful.



In setting intro (The Wide World) can be found here.


This map has been posted before, but it's not like I'm paying for space.




ENTRANCE: Monster Door. A large, many-legged, reptilian beast is painted upon a door set into the hillside. When the door is unlocked, the beast will walk out of painting and attack.


AC:4(15) HD:4(13) MV:180 ATTK:bite/claw DMG:1d12/1d8 ST:f4 M: 8


1. Pig Heads:

Illumination: None

Environment: Clean

Encounter: Trap- see below

Treasure: None


Puzzle door/sand-trap

Four tiles on the floor- Elephant, Rat, Wolf and Fire. There are insets on the east Door, obviously made to house one tile each. The door will remain closed until the tiles have been placed on the door in the following order, running top to bottom: fire, rat, elephant, wolf. A series can be set every two rounds.


Six wild boar heads are mounted on either wall. Their mouths are a bit agape. The door slams 1 round after the PCs enter the room. Sand begins to flow out of the pig mouths the next round- if left unchecked it will fill enough of the room in 12 rounds to render everyone immobile.


Solutions and stopgaps: solve the puzzle, stop up the Pig Mouths, break down the door(s). If the outer door is broken open it will disgorge a second Lizopede at full strength.






  1. Pig heads? Now there's a trap!

  2. I don't know what it is, but I just like monsters that step out of paintings. Also, the pig heads remind me of Lord of the Flies.