Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dwarf project status report


Aside from a map I'm fucking up for Trey over at the Sorcerer's Skull, this is all I am working on until it's done. I am committed to completion before X-mass. Currently, I am typing, augmenting and refining the key to big dungeon (pic below). There are two more adventures that are each about 75% done. The Under-Vale and the Vale are both mostly keyed, less stats and encounter tables. All the maps are done, but I have only done like one piece of non-cartographic art. How much more art gets done will depend entirely on when the text gets finshed. I'm thinking all tolled we're looking at like fifty pages, maybe 100.

This will be a free product, but if it isn't completely comprised of suck and the demand is there, I will put a version up on lulu or something, the proceeds of which will go to some charity involving kids and food and junk.


See you on the other side.



  1. Looks massive and awesome! I know that this sucks but man this is going to rock hard! Very nice!

    1. It's not so bad. i've got a working process now. Thanks for the encouragement, though.
      Btw, your comment was 666th published comment here.

  2. doing the good work in the age of dwarf love, cant wait

  3. As long as it's not a charity that uses kids for food.

  4. Nah, most oft hem are too stringy.