Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Old Islands: sometimes things get out of control

Earlier today I posted a slightly edited version of this on the RPG site:

I'm sitting here looking at Jack Shear'a [I]Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque[/I] and the LL supplement [I] Realms of Crawling Chaos[/I], trying to resit the urge to make a new setting that incorporates material from the two, but is chiefly inspired by the process of scientific advancement which took place during the 19th century in regards to archaeology, geology, paleontology and biology, coupled with a the dreary, ubiquitous and oppressive presence of a very dour and puritanical, but somehow well meaning, religion.

I want to start with a chain of islands, with one or two moderate sized ports and a scattering of small coastal and inland settlements, scattered across a cold northern sea, far away from the old country, but long settled.

Although I'd set aside this break for Metal Earth work (some of which I've already done). I couldn't leave this alone and I've wanted to throw together a setting for pick up games for quite some time. So I started this map...

Anyway it occurs to me that it might be kind of fun to chronicle the development of this thing over the next couple of days.  If i get the time, I'll post another version of the map and some particulars later tonight.

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