Sunday, October 7, 2012


Metal Earth contains several elements that might be considered anachronistic.

Rock Bands: Several 20th- 21st century style rock bands continuously tour Satan’s Spine.  Often they engage in blood feud with one another.

Cigarettes: Mass market pre-rolled cigarettes are commonly available throughout Satan’s spine. Tobacco is produced primarily at S’zan, although a small amount is exported from  Rax-Ur as well.

Movies:  Accompanying caravans or moving about on their own, independent projectionists travel from settlement to settlement with old style movie projectors and their precious collections of films, mostly westerns, mostly sub-titled in half a dozen forgotten languages, which they display for the edification and entertainment of the latter day masses. Usually projectionists, or their assistants, will stand beside the screen and recite a narrative poem which explains the events in the film. Most of these poems are thousands of years old and passed down through time by the Projectionists Guild. 

I'll add to this list as time goes on. 

What kind of anachronisms do you have in your game?


  1. Cigarettes, metal band t-shirts, bicycles (sometimes may be encountered), European vodka brands, condoms (:D) and chewing gum. Probably there was more of it but I forgot about it.

  2. The bit on films reminds me of Stalin's purported love of Tarzan films. The films were deemed to racey for Soviet audiences but Joe Steel loved them and would have them privately shown - they would not be translated, and neither Stalin nor the culture minister (who was supposed to narrate) knew English. Sometimes the minister got a warm up run through with a translator - othertimes - no. Much fake Tarzan was poured into Stalin's ears.


  3. My original inspiration comes from watching poorly subbed HK movies in Berkeley back in the 90's, but that shit with Stalin is pretty much dead on. The general accuracy of the poems read by Metal Earth Projectionists vary in much the same way. Some of them are dead on and some way off.

    Stalin aside, the first two Weismuller Tarzan movies are quite magical.