Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have a 4th level Sasquatch

I'm changing the races.
Earlier this week I had a thought and it has snowballed.
This is the new lineup.

Shae (hairless diminutive ultracomformist/opressive magic using urbanites)
Dirty Freak (mutants)
Mongrel: (animal people)
Lizard Men
Autom (Robot)
Sasquatch (replaces war ape; I realized that the Snow Apes [evil super scientists] are obviously Yeti, which made it necessary to make this change. I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it sooner)
Human (Nearly extinct, universally reviled, hangers on at the end of time)

I'm also thinking of changing the way stats are rolled up instead having racial modifiers. There are still 18 dice but different races have them allocated in different ways. For example a Minotaur might roll 4 dice for strength and constitution and 2 dice for Intelligence and charisma and 3 dice for Wisdom and Dexterity. Or something like that.
Humans would roll 3 dice for all the stats.

Maybe something like this:

Sasquatch: Elusive solitary ape folk, Sasquatch are often very wise and usually smell pretty bad.
Method: 4 d6 for Wisdom/ Strength, 3d6 Constitution/intelligence; 2d6 Dexterity/Charisma.
Special: Blurry. +2 to all stealth related saves. Sasquatch are hard to see at a distance and have a 4 [15] armor class against all ranged weapons, furthermore, scopes and other technological aim enhancement devices do not work on Sasquatch


  1. I had a Sasquatch NPC in the first game I ever ran (had no idea what I was doing though). I'd love to see the stats you're using!

  2. You need to get permission from the Canadian government before you can put the Sasquatch in your campaign. It's the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. It's basically a formality, but probably best to dot your i's and cross you t's, eh?

    Also, I suspect that Shaes are Canadian as well, but you can probably get away with your trade dress.

  3. The Shae are modeled on Tolkien's elves and my neighbors from my brief stay in the burbs.

    The Canadians can send a Mounty after me if they've got a problem.

  4. You lived next to an oppressive using urbanite? Sweet, did you blind them with science?

    Love it as always

  5. I substituted "crazy/nosy obsessed with the state of my soul and lawn" with magic using.


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