Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Cover art

I tried to do something here that would capture the feel of the setting and highlight the next round of posts about The Burning Peaks region. The fellow riding the boar borrowed most of his wardrobe from John Carter and Den of Earth, but he got the boots from Conan.


  1. That dude is over-compensating with his sword, and he needs some pants or a loin cloth or something or else he is going to have some serious chafing issues. But otherwise, quite awesome! The tasseled boots are a nice touch. And I like how the woman gets the gun.

    word verification: painin. No fooling.

  2. I was reading the second Den book last night and he rides like that all the time- and he gets all the chicks. As for over compensation, I think he's got his other weapon tossed back over his left thigh.

  3. Christ man, you need to make a weird science fantasy D&D DMing screen!

    I love this piece: flying saucer; big stone head; gasmask; boobs!