Tuesday, May 18, 2010


An Outsider might be a Lizard Man from the Jungle of Nool; a human warrior sent out from the Enclave on some unknown mission, or a time-lost warrior robot from the future with a sinister agenda. The possibilities are endless.

Examples: Tarzan, Conan, Taarna, Den, John Carter, Nausicä, Kamandi, Mad Max, Severian, The Terminator and Flash Gordon.

Members of the Outsider class are powerful warriors from beyond the known world. They travel for a reason. Sometimes they are looking for a place, maybe their lost homeland; other times they travel for the opportunity it provides to help the people they meet on the way; an Outsider might seek vengeance, a way home, an escape from shame, penance, the secrets of time and space, treasure or any number of other things. The character's point of origin and purpose should be mainly up to the player, although input from the referee should not be completely ignored.

Class abilities:

Select one of the following at 1st Level:

  • Animal Companion (1d6)

1. Mount

2. Flying Mount

3. Small animal (e.g. monkey, lizard, bird)

4. Medium predator

5. Large Predator (6hd)

6. Two large predators (6hd each)

  • Tech Savvy: +2 to all technology related ST.
  • Alert: Never surprised
  • Wilderness Survival: +2 survival ST
  • +10 hit points
  • Combat Bonus: +1 to hit with weapon of choice.

Select one of the following at 4th level:

  • Stealthy: +1/3 levels to stealth related saves
  • Turn undead (as cleric)
  • Combat bonus B: +1 against preferred enemy.
  • Combat machine as in S/W core book.
  • May also select from table 1.

At 7th level select again from the 1st level list

At level 12 select one from the 4th level list.

Starting hit points= Constitution + 1d6 +3/ level (Using the alternate system).

Money and Equipment:

Outsider characters begin at first level with no money and must roll on the table below:

Starting Equipment (1d8)

1-4. Nothing: character begins the game naked in the wilderness.

5. 1d3 Simple weapons; clothes and camp gear (10 Zorm value).

6. 1d3 simple weapons, leather armor, camp gear.

7. Energy weapon; clothes and gear.

8. Energy weapon; technological armor

Combat progression is as a fighter.


  1. I think all classes should get the "Badass" title at level 10... well, in the Metal Earth, that is.

  2. @ Jeff, I'm still thinking it through; I'll probably rework as time goes on.

    @ Ryan- consider it done.