Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Planet Eaters - color arts.

Taking a break from gaming stuff to work on Cosmic Tales, my comic. It may be a long break. A really long break. I have been drawing non stop for about two weeks. I am making good progress and I really feel that my art is improving. This might be page one out of a projected one fifty or so. I'll get back to gaming stuff at so e point, but imma follow this to wherver it leads. As I said to someone last night, if R. Crumb was a tit man and trying to pass himself off as Jack Kirby, the art might have looked a bit like this.

This story is called the Planet Eaters, btw.

Larger version


And another from later on.

Even the most cursory and abusive comments would be appreciated.



  1. The dinosaur is cool, the mummy is hot. I'd read it.

  2. It certainly doesn't look boring! Love the fun zany you've got in spades here. Composition is a bit rough on those top two color panels (not entirely sure where my eye is supposed to go). But it's good in the bottom panel which is impressive, considering just how much is going on there.

    I love the details! So much cool feels packed into every panel. The black-and-white page shows even better composition; in the next-to-last panel, I have no trouble seeing the guy in spite of how busy the panel is.

    I'd read the livin' heck out of this!

  3. That top most panel? You might want to drop the square panel and go with something more open, spiral, off-kilter and vertigo-inducing. Maybe. Not entirely sure what feel you're looking for in that one.

  4. Thanks dudes.

    Skull Sorcerous is a whole nother kind of MILF.

    The first two color panels are definitely supposed to be a little jarring and in the case of the second a little zany. It is arguable as to whether or not those are a good ideas, though. The year is 3578 and We only get like 2 pages in Earth's solar system i felt that I needed to cram as much crazy shit into those pages as I could. It is what Jack would have done. The third panel took a lot of thought, which promptly went out the window as soon as the pencil touched board; I like what I got better than what I planned.

    The BnW page actually represent my first attempt to do serious perspective... Pretty much ever. The next to last panel pleases me as well.

  5. Nothing but props from these cheap seats!

  6. I've always liked your style. I'd like to see you illustrate Metal Earth as a boxed set a la Greyhawk. Poster map of the Ruinlands!

  7. Hey thanks for all the great Metal Earth stuff you've given us all. It has been useful for inspiration for my ASE game.

    I like the strip so far. Hopefully you will post about it here. I especially like the creature in the tank, the way you have recessed the robot in the floor, and the way the panels take your eye from place to place.

  8. Cool dinosaurs, sexy mummies...

    Are you sure your not working on a comic and game material at the same time?

  9. I agree with trollsmyth that the black and white page features better composition within each panel. Love the style of the whole thing, though. Thanks for sharing your work!