Thursday, March 15, 2012

What should be on the Character sheet?

This weekend while playing ICONS we spent a few minutes page flipping. As with the simpler forms of D&D, this is hardly ever necessary with ICONS, but it seems when the need does arise, we are always looking up the same things- the particular rules surrounding a particular superpower. In my experience with D&D, this same sort of thing goes on with spells. So anyway, I'm going to put a column for page numbers in the spells/advantages section of the Metal Earth* character sheet. Its hardly a world changing innovation, I know, but I think it will speed play A LOT.
Keeping in mind this is a simple D&D variant with a modified combat system, what else needs to be on the character sheet.  

*For the seven of you who are drunk enough to care, the first draft is effectively 100% done, although some stuff needs to be integrated into the main document, most everything has been written at least in draft form. Unsurprisingly, the draft is 100% unfit for human consumption at the current date.