Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruminations on publication and some art.

It has been suggested to me (several times now) that I slap all this stuff into a book or something. I think I'd like to do it, but it will take me a long time, I think. there are many drawings to do and lots of stuff to write. I don't even know the format I should pursue (e.g. digest). Furthermore, now that White Box is dead or something (edit S&W WB has reverted to Mythmere and is in print, see comments), I don't even know if I should move it over to another rules set, or use the OGL to turn it into a complete game. There's got to be at least a couple of you sober enough to offer up some opinions.

Whatever/anyway here's some junk I drew (click for larger images):

First up, something I drew for the upcoming Planet Algol Book:

Here's my secret base:
Here's a Screamer:
And here is the byproduct of reading too many super hero comics and space opera novels at the same time (as well as running a SHRPG and planning an SFRPG). The hero is named Shockwave.
For what it's worth the comic page at the top of the post was part of a strip that I worked on with a friend called Assault and Pepper which may or may not have taken place on The Metal earth.