Wednesday, April 3, 2019

From the mists of time; the Dwarf Thing revisted

Long ago, in the mists of 2014, I started a project that I found myself unable to finish; except I did finish it- but I suck at figuring that out- as I’ve recently been informed. The good news is I am going to put it together and re draw all the art and maps- and you’ll get some of my fancy new shit  with all the arrows and text clutter we’ve all grown to love.

Here is a link to everything I remembed to tag. There is more I’m sure. There is a
mega dungeon map at the very least.

The bad news is I’ll need to do like 100 illustrations. Because.
2014 was an exceeding bad art year. Brace yourself, youngling:


  1. That's some golden age shit. I don't even mind the art but that content, oh man. Everything's gonna be dwarfy this year.

  2. Looked at the older posts, and this is great stuff!

  3. @bombasticus - everything's coming up dwarfes?

    @Aos - Wow, this goes deep.

    Also, someone pointed out to me that you have some good links to other things you've written just below your blogroll, and that you have another tag with a lot of content:

    So I thought I should reshare those observations for anyone else reading this.