Friday, May 18, 2012

Satan's Spine: a horrible place, poorly mapped

Well, I'm a bit daunted by the sheer number of unfinished projects that I've got going on this blog. So in effort to dig myself a hole all the way to the Pellucidar, here's the start of another new project*.  What we have here is a first look at Satan's Spine, the campaign area for my upcoming Metal Earth game. I'll be happy to answer any question regarding the map or really anything else relating to the blog in the comments.
Larger version here

*it's probably best to view this blog as kind of like pizza place run by a spastic and poorly trained hobo. Sometimes the pizza is cooked, other times all you get is some sauce, a few toppings of dubious provenience and a mumbled, Thunderbird-soaked "fuck you" for your trouble.


  1. You did NOT just name a region at the bottom of Satan's Spine "the Taint"! Oh, did. that's awesome.

  2. Well, at lest I didn't name the Mountains to the south "The piles." I'm all about restraint.

  3. Nice map! Looking forward to seeing more! Oh wait my anchovies have 3 eyes!

  4. I'm gonna need to charge you more for the extra meat, sorry.