Monday, April 11, 2011

Rushed gameday superficial glosses: Part 2

As with last time, I've waited until the last minute and we have our game tonight. All of these were done between 12:20 and 3:20 this afternoon. For those just joining us, these guys are all aliens for my super hero game. If you'd like more of a clue see my previous post.

Click the images to enlarge

First up we have: Braino! He's thinking bad thoughts. About... you!

Next the Reptiloid!

and his pal, Squishy: the alien amoeba!

I did a line and wash thing with Squishy. The paper warped. Apparently, the scanner doesn't like warped paper. Bitch.

Next, the Glar, synthetic foot soldiers of the Krang!

And now, the last resort of the Krang! The Worminator. I rather like this one, actually.

Anyway, regarding the Metal Earth. We will be splitting our weekend game sessions between Icons and the Metal Earth starting in a bout a month. I will not be the referee for the ME game, which I think is ideal, because it will actually be more of a test of the rules as opposed to a test of my ability to make up shit on the spot (although I'm sure i will do some of that as well). And I get to play! So this will be the play test before I release a general play test doc- if I decide to do so.


  1. Cool drawings. Do you use them in your game sessions?

  2. Yes. I play with my two best friends over skype/ifrno. I post the drawings to the VTT as we go along. We actually just finished this week's game about 10 minutes ago, in fact. The worminator was a big hit.I'm trying to do stuff like this every week, now. It really adds to the game and creates a kind of visual chronicle of the campaign and it gives me some much needed drawing practice.